Major Tax Whistleblower Ruling at Risk – Immediate Action Needed!

Two courageous whistleblowers recently exposed major corruption within a Swiss Bank that helped U.S. millionaires and billionaires illegally evade taxes. These whistleblowers won a hard-fought victory in Tax Court, establishing a landmark precedent for holding corporations accountable for unethical practices. The Court ruled that individuals who report criminal violations of tax law will be protected and awarded under the IRS whistleblower program. This ruling significantly strengthens the IRS whistleblower program, and our country's ability to enforce a fair and just tax system.

However, the Treasury Department has been resisting this progress, arguing that the program only covers whistleblowers when they turn in violations resulting in civil or administrative penalties (i.e. the smaller cases); while those turning in criminal tax fraud receive no protection and no reward!

Now this decision lies in the hands of the Trump administration's nominee for Solicitor General, Noel Francisco. Francisco has not yet been confirmed for the role, but once he assumes the office, the final decision will fall to him.

We need to send a message right now that the American people stand behind all whistleblowers and we demand corporate criminals be brought to justice and pay their fair share towards the wellbeing of our society.

Please tell Congress and the Treasury Department to hold criminal tax cheats accountable and protect whistleblowers!

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