Demand Transportation Department Protect Whistleblowers and Expose Automobile Safety Cover-ups

 From bad brakes to deadly airbags, thousands of Americans have been injured or died as a result of the misconduct of the auto industry and their cover-ups of safety flaws. 

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Just last year, GM recalled nearly 50 million cars with defective ignition switches, cars which could die on the road without any warning. The investigations that followed revealed that engineers and lawyers at GM knew about the problem ahead of time and did not act to stop it.

In response to this crisis, last December Congress passed the Motor Vehicle Safety Whistleblower Act.   Under this law the Department of Transportation was required to implement rules protecting and rewarding auto safety whistleblowers .

Unfortunately, the Department of Transportation has not taken any action to implement this law.

We need your help to ensure auto industry whistleblowers are protected! Write to the Department of Transportation and tell them to protect whistleblowers!  Demand that they immediately implement whistleblower rules submitted by the National Whistleblower Center

We can make this law work!  We can force the Department of Transportation to create a program that effectively protects whistleblowers and prevents dangerous cars from going out on the road.

We need your help to do it. Tell the Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to adopt our proposed rules for and provide effective, meaningful protections for whistleblowers.

You can read more about the proposed rules on our blog.

P.S. If your Congressman or Senator requires you to pick a topic area before submitting a message, please choose a topic related to automobile safety or business oversight.