FCA House Judiciary Hearing

The Chamber of Commerce, the biggest corporate lobby in the world, is targeting one of the oldest and best whistleblower laws, the False Claims Act. We need your help to defend the False Claims Act from corporate takeover.

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Over 42 billion dollars has been recovered from government contract fraud through False Claims Act whistleblower cases since 1986, and thousands of whistleblowers have been protected and rewarded under the Act, thus the Chamber of Commerce and its big corporate sponsors are gunning to destroy it. 

This Thursday, April 28th, the House Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing called “Oversight of the False Claims Act.” The Committee has summoned corporate lobbyists to put their complaints about the False Claims Act on the record. This is the beginning of a process that will only lead to the False Claims Act being gutted by corporate intervention.

The False Claims Act has been one of the greatest assets of the whistleblower community since 1986. Now is the time to defend it.

If all of us speak up together we cannot be ignored. Put your voice on the record and demand the House Judiciary Committee protect the False Claims Act.

Read the written testimony of Stephen M. Kohn defending the False Claims Act before the House Judiciary Committee.