Reform the Broken FBI Whistleblower Program

The shortfalls of FBI whistleblower protections were documented in a January 2015 Government Accountability Office report, which found the system denied FBI whistleblowers basic due process rights and had extremely long processing delays, sometimes taking an entire decade to review cases. You can read Stephen M. Kohn’s testimony on the failures of FBI whistleblower protection program here.

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Whistleblowers within the FBI have exposed thousands of illegal national security searches, systemic weaknesses in the counterterrorism program, civil rights abuses, and the FBI's role in numerous wrongful convictions of innocent Americans.  These whistleblowers must be protected.  

The FBI Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act would fundamentally reform this system, making it safer for FBI employees to confront corruption within their organization.

Take Action, tell your representatives to support the FBI Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act.

P.S. If your representative requires you to specify a particular issue area when you submit your message, we reccomend 'government reform,' or 'federal employees.'