Support the WARN Act for Wall Street Whistleblowers!

We need the WARN Act to protect whistleblowers from Wall Street and help us get the information we need to hold big banks accountable.

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We cannot afford to ignore the destruction caused by fraud in the big banks. Banking misconduct has triggered hundreds of thousands of housing foreclosures, it has caused our economy to crumble, and Americans lost billions of dollars. We’re still feeling the effects of that collapse, yet none of the bank executives went to prison, and fraud and corruption continues to run rampant in the financial industry.

The Whistleblower Augmented Reward and Nonretaliation Act (WARN Act) would revolutionize protections for financial industry whistleblowers. This bill will likely meet strong resistance from some of the most powerful lobbyists in Washington. We need your help to show Congress that there is support in favor of this vital step to protect the American people.

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