Tell Congress to Protect America’s Most Important Whistleblower Law

Tell your representative to not fall for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s misinformation on False Claims Act reform. Protect America’s most important tool to uncover and punish fraud.

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Urgent Action Needed!!

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has declared a war against whistleblowers!  It has initiated an aggressive and well-financed lobbying campaign to undermine the False Claims Act, America’s most effective whistleblower protection law.  The Chamber has is pushing Congress to strip millions of Americans from coverage under the Act, limit damages, increase the burden of proof on demonstrating fraud and establish barriers to blocking employees from contacting the Justice Department about fraud against the taxpayer.  Taken together, the Chamber’s “reforms” would completely undermine the False Claims Act.

Chamber's lobbying campaign poses a grave threat to all whistleblowers, and threatens to undermine the most effective federal anti-fraud law that has already resulted in government contractors having to pay back to taxpayers over 25 billion dollars due to fraud uncovered by whistleblowers!

We need your help to stop the Chamber’s campaign!  We need your voice to tell Congress not to destroy America’s most effective whistleblower and anti-fraud law!

A copy of the NWC’s report is linked here.

Take Action!

Tell Congress to reject the Chamber's scare tactics!

Please join with the NWC and take action on this critical issue.

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