Attorney General Holder – Admit Your Failures

 After delaying whistleblower cases for as long as 10 years, Congress is calling on the DOJ to issue final decisions. Add your voice to help pressure the Attorney General!

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The Department of Justice (DOJ) has failed miserably in issuing timely decisions for FBI whistleblowers. Jane Turner and Robert Kobus’ whistleblowers cases have been pending for over 10 years and 5 years, respectively. Yesterday, Senator Grassley again called out the DOJ’s failure to protect FBI whistleblowers, and questioned their “willingness” to follow the law.

TAKE ACTION! Demand that the DOJ issue final decisions for Turner and Kobus

Ironically, under the new Presidential Policy Directive for national security whistleblowers, the DOJ would review the effectiveness of its own broken whistleblower procedures.

Senator Grassley requested that Attorney General Holder relinquish control over review of the FBI whistleblower process to the DOJ’s Inspector General. This would ensure that the review is objective and would allow the Attorney General’s office to focus its resources on closing long pending cases.

TAKE ACTION! Stop the DOJ from reviewing its own broken whistleblower process

FBI whistleblowers should not have to wait over 10 years to have their case decided. It not only harms the whistleblower whose case is in limbo, but also discourages every other FBI employee from coming forward. The Attorney General must take immediate action to correct this injustice.