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Justice for Birkenfeld

 The IRS has vindicated Bradley Birkenfeld. Now it's time for President Obama to take the final step.

We know you share our joy that justice has been delivered for Bradley Birkenfeld.

He has faced retaliation from his employer, an unjust prosecution, and 31 months in prison, yet his commitment to the public interest has never wavered.

Powerful special interests who fear Bradley Birkenfeld and everything he stands for are trying to dismantle every whistleblower program they can get their hands on.

Although the IRS has vindicated Bradley Birkenfeld, he is still being forced to live in home confinement under the shadow of a felony conviction. He deserves a full presidential pardon.

There are more honest bankers like Birkenfeld. Big banks and other powerful interests fear them. Ask President Obama to send them a strong message with a full pardon for Bradley Birkenfeld.