Defend the FDA Whistleblowers!

The FDA has been corrupted, and patient safety is now in jeopardy. The New York Times has shown that the FDA used a vast spying network to punish its own doctors and scientists who reported dangerous "medical devices." Protect patient safety! Demand an end to the illegal surveillance and reinstatement for the whistleblowers!

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The FDA protects public health by testing new medical technology and deciding whether it is safe for public use. But when dangerous medical devices gained approval despite warnings about their safety, FDA doctors and scientists made the difficult decision to blow the whistle to proper authorities.

A group of eleven distinguished FDA employees worked quietly to expose the threats to patient safety. They wrote letters to Congress and President Obama explaining how corrupt FDA managers had bypassed the normal product review process to gain approval for unsafe devices.

The doctors and scientists mysteriously began to lose their jobs, and investigative reporting by the New York Times has revealed why.

In response to employee concerns, the FDA developed a massive spying campaign. The agency used its resources not to evaluate concerns about patient safety, but instead to catalogue employee emails to Congress—and responses from Congressional staff. At the first excuse, any employee targeted by this program was fired.

Brave FDA doctors and scientists risked their careers to protect patient safety, yet the agency's leadership has remained silent. This silent approval continues now even after the media has exposed its corruption.

FDA employees should not be afraid to speak honestly and freely about misconduct that threatens the health and safety of all Americans. FDA leadership must end its spy program and reinstate all of the illegally fired whistleblowers. 

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