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  • Whistleblowers and Veterans at Risk in For-Profit Colleges

    Take Action! Call for appointment of Julian Schmoke, as the Head of the Student Aid Enforcement Unit, to be withdrawn!

    Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has appointed Julian Schmoke, to head the agency’s Student Aid Enforcement Unit, the unit tasked with investigating fraud at for-profit colleges. Mr. Schmoke previously served as a dean at DeVry University, a for-profit school that was sanctioned $100 million by the U.S. government for fraudulent practices.

    Placing a top official from the disgraced DeVry University into a position charged with protecting whistleblowers, students and veterans is outrageous and threatens every student and veteran attending a for-profit college and every whistleblower who has had the courage to report the fraudulent practices at these schools. 

    Defend Students! Corruption at for-profit colleges leaves students with no degrees and stifling debt. Enrollment in for-profit colleges makes up only 13% of all students, yet those students make up 48% of student loan defaults. 

    Defend Veterans! Veterans are disproportionately harmed by for-profit universities, as eight out of the ten schools they choose to use their GI Bill benefits are for-profit universities. As overall enrollment in for-profit colleges has declined, the eight colleges with the most G.I. Bill funding increased their share of veterans by 61% (Career Education Corporation) to 657% (UTI) between 2010 and 2013. Seven of these eight schools were under investigation for deceptive practices during this time period.

    Protect Taxpayers! Up to 86% of revenue collected by the 15 most popular for-profit education companies comes from federal aid dollars.

    Protect Whistleblowers! Whistleblowers at for-profit college have exposed billions of dollars in fraud and taxpayers have collected millions of dollars from sanctions against for-profit colleges. Now all of this is at risk.

    Act Now! Send a message to President Trump, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and your Members of Congress to withdraw the appointment of Julian Schmoke as the head of the Student Aid Enforcement Unit.

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  • Thank Your Senator for supporting National Whistleblower Day!

    On August 1st, the U.S. Senate passed a unanimous resolution in honor of National Whistleblower Day and calls upon each executive agency to inform their employees and contractors of their rights as potential whistleblowers and to celebrate the courage of whistleblowers among their ranks. 

    Sending this message at this time is a crucial measure to ensure all people who witness corruption and fraud, especially within the government, have the courage to speak out.

    We need to encourage this kind of leadership and hold our elected representatives to their commitment to honor and protect whistleblowers.

  • Tell Congress to Support Wildlife Crime Whistleblowers

    The Global Wildlife Whistleblower CenterDemand Congress calls on the Secretaries of Commerce, Interior, Treasury, and Agriculture to set up a wildlife crime whistleblower program! We must send a clear message to whistleblowers everywhere that the U.S. government supports, protects, and rewards whistleblowers who report global wildlife trafficking. 

    We have lost so much of our planet's wildlife. Every day that passes we come closer to losing more forever.

    Please send an urgent message to your Congress member now to demand their support for a wildlife whistleblower program to work with whistleblowers worldwide in stopping the extinction crisis. 

  • Stand up for Whistleblowers

    At the 2016 celebration of National Whistleblower Day, former FBI Director James Comey recognized the crucial role whistleblowers play in holding the government accountable to the people. His words remind us of our duty as citizens to report illegal activities and support those who have the courage to stand up.

    The National Whistleblower Day ceremony commemorates America’s first whistleblower law, passed unanimously by the Continental Congress on July 30, 1778. Our Founding Fathers proclaimed that it was the “duty of all persons in the service of United States, as well as all other inhabitants thereof, to give the earliest information to Congress or any other proper authority of any misconduct, frauds or misdemeanors committed by any persons . . . which may come to their knowledge.”

    The need for all Ameicans to stand up to corruption remains true today. Even during the height of the Revolution, Congress enacted laws protecting whistleblowers (and allocated money to defend them). We must follow follow in their footsteps and STAND UP for whistleblowers! 

    Listen to Former Director Comey's Whistleblower Day speech.

    Take Action to Support Whistleblowers! 

  • Support Wildlife Crime Whistleblowers

    Those who try to speak out against the illegal wildlife trade often risk their lives with no safe, confidential, or effective way to report wildlife crime to authorities. Yet whistleblowers are the most powerful tool we have in stopping the illegal destruction of rainforests, wildlife trafficking, and illegal fishing practices.


    Major U.S. wildlife laws (including the Lacey and Endangered Species Acts, the Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Act and, and many others) require U.S. government agencies to protect whistleblowers who report wildlife trafficking and other wildlife crimes. However, these agencies have failed to implement a whistleblower program for over thirty years.

    Please sign our letter to send an urgent message to the U.S. Secretaries of Interior, Commerce, Treasury, and Agriculture, and the President, asking them to protect and reward wildlife crime whistleblowers.

  • Support the IRS Whistleblower Improvements Act

    Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Wyden have introduced S. 762 IRS Whistleblower Improvements Act of 2017.

    In 2006, Senator Grassley reformed the IRS whistleblower program, making it the successful program we recognize today. Since those improvements, the program has recovered more than $3 billion in taxes that otherwise would have been lost to fraud.

    The program has proven itself a resounding success. Even so, the IRS has left many whistleblowers in the dark while working on their cases, and tax fraud whistleblowers still lacked any protections for when their employer retaliates against them for reporting. The IRS Whistleblower Improvements Act sets out to fix that and make the program stronger and fairer to whistleblowers.

    Far too often millionaires and billionaires and international banks get away with cheating on their taxes. Whistleblowers are ready to do the patriotic and ensure a fair and effective tax system, but we all have to support  them and ensure they are treated fairly.

    Take action now to tell your representatives to support this bill!

  • Protect the Dodd-Frank Whistleblower Program from being Gutted

    The House of Representatives will vote TODAY on the Financial CHOICE Act, a bill set up to repeal major parts of the Dodd-Frank Act. The Financial CHOICE Act specifically targets Wall Street whistleblowers. The stakes here are incredibly high. The Securities and Exchange Commission is the prime Wall Street watchdog and its whistleblower program is the most effective tool to uncover and prosecute violations of securities law.

    If we lose this program Wall Street fraud and corruption will run unleashed. This disastrous bill is headed for a vote on the floor today!

    We need you to urge your Representative in the House to vote against the Financial CHOICE Act due to its toxic anti-whistleblower policies, and to urge your Senators to remove Section 828 if it is passed in the House.
    To understand this issue in greater depth, please read NWC Executive Director Stephen Kohn’s testimony before the House Financial Services Committee here (the testimony refers to section 823 of the discussion draft, this section was changed to section 828 in the currrent version of the Financial CHOICE Act).

    Take action! Demand Congress protect the SEC Whistleblower Office and support holding corporations accountable.
  • Major Tax Whistleblower Ruling at Risk – Immediate Action Needed!

    Two courageous whistleblowers recently exposed major corruption within a Swiss Bank that helped U.S. millionaires and billionaires illegally evade taxes. These whistleblowers won a hard-fought victory in Tax Court, establishing a landmark precedent for holding corporations accountable for unethical practices. The Court ruled that individuals who report criminal violations of tax law will be protected and awarded under the IRS whistleblower program. This ruling significantly strengthens the IRS whistleblower program, and our country's ability to enforce a fair and just tax system.

    However, the Treasury Department has been resisting this progress, arguing that the program only covers whistleblowers when they turn in violations resulting in civil or administrative penalties (i.e. the smaller cases); while those turning in criminal tax fraud receive no protection and no reward!

    Now this decision lies in the hands of the Trump administration's nominee for Solicitor General, Noel Francisco. Francisco has not yet been confirmed for the role, but once he assumes the office, the final decision will fall to him.

    We need to send a message right now that the American people stand behind all whistleblowers and we demand corporate criminals be brought to justice and pay their fair share towards the wellbeing of our society.

    Please tell Congress and the Treasury Department to hold criminal tax cheats accountable and protect whistleblowers!