Current Actions

  • End The Murder of Wildlife Crime Whistleblowers

    Esmond Martin, who worked for decades as a whistleblower in ivory trafficking, was found stabbed to death in his home this week in Nairobi. This is the second murder in recent months of a wildlife whistleblower. Wayne Lotter, a wildlife conservationist in Tanzania, was shot to death in August 2017. Conservation Watch estimates that around 100 park rangers are killed by poachers each year. These deaths are a tragedy.

    Given the recent murders in Kenya and Tanzania, as well as the large-scale murder of park rangers, there is an immense, worldwide fear of reporting wildlife crime.


    It is time to end the intimidation and murder of wildlife whistleblowers. Wildlife whistleblowers must be able to report crimes safely, anonymously, and confidentially.


    There is a solution. Four agencies, the Departments Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, and Treasury have all been entrusted by Congress to implement specific whistleblower protections to incentivize those with information to come forward. These agencies have yet to implement these laws and must enact provisions for confidential and anonymous reporting.


    TAKE ACTION: Demand that the Secretaries of Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, and Treasury take swift and aggressive action to protect global wildlife crime whistleblowers and implement whistleblower programs in their agencies.


    In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) established the Office of the Whistleblower, which has been a spectacular success. Its reporting system has incentivized thousands of whistleblowers to disclose information, from over 100 countries, leading to the recuperation of hundreds of millions of dollars.


    The Departments of Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, and Treasury must follow suit in establishing a program to work with global wildlife crime whistleblowers. Without bold and immediate steps, major extinction crises will be inevitable and the lives of more brave whistleblowers could be lost.

  • Demand That Congress Supports #MeToo Legislation

    This week a new bill titled the Congressional Act of 1995 Reform Act (H.R.4822) is expected to land on the floor of the House. In the midst of the #MeToo movement, the bill aims to protect employees who are victims of sexual harassment, or who face retaliation for raising such claims. 

    According to a Committee on House Administration press release, in broad strokes the bill amends the law to (i) better protect employees; (ii) streamline the process to report and resolve disputes; (iii) hold Members personally responsible for their conduct and any sexual harassment awards or settlements; (iv) improve and strengthen transparency.

    As the law currently stands, those who want to file a lawsuit regarding sexual harassment can only do so after a convoluted, months-long process which includes counseling and mediation. This delay on justice is unacceptable. The new bill will eliminate this provision, and create a better, more streamlined process to report sexual harassment and seek justice.

    TAKE ACTION: Let your representatives know you support legislation that creates a fairer, more transparent process for survivors of sexual harassment to seek justice. Urge your representatives to support the Congressional Act of 1995 Reform Act! 

    Individuals who blow the whistle on sexual misconduct must be protected.

  • Demand Protections for Whistleblowers in Russia Investigation

    Many whistleblowers face retaliation for exposing wrongdoing. As the U.S. government becomes more deeply embroiled in the Trump-Russia probe, it is important that we ensure protection of whistleblowers who step forward with information.

    TAKE ACTION! Demand that President Trump and Congress make a firm, public commitment that there will be no retaliation against any whistleblowers who might step forward with information during the Russia investigation.

    Demand government support for whistleblower protections today!


  • Federal Employee Whistleblowers Denied Due Process Rights

    Federal employee whistleblowers are being denied basic due process rights by the failure of Congress to permit these courageous workers to bring their case to federal court. 

    Under current law, federal employees are blocked from having their cases heard in federal district court, and instead have to go before the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) —a three-person body appointed by the President. Whistleblowers are judged by the very political officials they are blowing the whistle on!

    TAKE ACTION! Demand that Congress grants federal employee whistleblowers the same access to an independent court review, as state and local government employees and corporate employees.

    Although the MSPB procedure has been harshly criticized over the years, things have become worse. As reported in today's Washington Post, President Trump has failed to nominate members to the Board, thus denying the right of federal whistleblowers to have their cases decided. The steadily growing backlog of 660 cases, is leaving hundreds of people in limbo with no resolution in sight.

    Without federal court access, it will take whistleblowers years to obtain decisions from the Board.

    TAKE ACTION! Give federal employee whistleblowers the right to file cases in federal court!

  • Tell Congress to Support Wildlife Crime Whistleblowers

    The Global Wildlife Whistleblower CenterDemand Congress calls on the Secretaries of Commerce, Interior, Treasury, and Agriculture to set up a wildlife crime whistleblower program! We must send a clear message to whistleblowers everywhere that the U.S. government supports, protects, and rewards whistleblowers who report global wildlife trafficking. 

    We have lost so much of our planet's wildlife. Every day that passes we come closer to losing more forever.

    Please send an urgent message to your Congress member now to demand their support for a wildlife whistleblower program to work with whistleblowers worldwide in stopping the extinction crisis. 

  • Stand up for Whistleblowers

    At the 2016 celebration of National Whistleblower Day, former FBI Director James Comey recognized the crucial role whistleblowers play in holding the government accountable to the people. His words remind us of our duty as citizens to report illegal activities and support those who have the courage to stand up.

    The National Whistleblower Day ceremony commemorates America’s first whistleblower law, passed unanimously by the Continental Congress on July 30, 1778. Our Founding Fathers proclaimed that it was the “duty of all persons in the service of United States, as well as all other inhabitants thereof, to give the earliest information to Congress or any other proper authority of any misconduct, frauds or misdemeanors committed by any persons . . . which may come to their knowledge.”

    The need for all Ameicans to stand up to corruption remains true today. Even during the height of the Revolution, Congress enacted laws protecting whistleblowers (and allocated money to defend them). We must follow follow in their footsteps and STAND UP for whistleblowers! 

    Listen to Former Director Comey's Whistleblower Day speech.

    Take Action to Support Whistleblowers! 

  • Support Wildlife Crime Whistleblowers

    Those who try to speak out against the illegal wildlife trade often risk their lives with no safe, confidential, or effective way to report wildlife crime to authorities. Yet whistleblowers are the most powerful tool we have in stopping the illegal destruction of rainforests, wildlife trafficking, and illegal fishing practices.


    Major U.S. wildlife laws (including the Lacey and Endangered Species Acts, the Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Act and, and many others) require U.S. government agencies to protect whistleblowers who report wildlife trafficking and other wildlife crimes. However, these agencies have failed to implement a whistleblower program for over thirty years.

    Please sign our letter to send an urgent message to the U.S. Secretaries of Interior, Commerce, Treasury, and Agriculture, and the President, asking them to protect and reward wildlife crime whistleblowers.

  • Establish A Permanent Day to Recognize the Contributions of Whistleblowers

    Take Action!

    On July 30, 2015, the first Congressional celebration of whistleblowers took place in the Senate’s Kennedy Caucus Room and it was a huge success. Six senators, one representative and numerous whistleblowers spoke before a room packed with whistleblowers, their families and their supports honoring the courage of whistleblowers and their importance to our country. Since then National Whistleblower Day has been celebrated every year with speeches and expressions of support from Congress, the Director of the FBI and whistleblowers from every walk of life.

    The date, July 30th, marks the passage of the first ever whistleblower law in 1778. Each year since 2014, the Senate has passed a non-binding resolution marking this date National Whistleblower Day. However, more needs to be done.